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Safe Respectful Learner

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Rules and policies

Rules and policies are in place to make sure your child remains safe and well at school.

Visit the NSW Department of Education’s policy library for all current operational policies.

Attendance and absences

Students must attend school regularly so they can achieve their educational best and increase their career and life options.

In NSW, all children from the age of 6 are legally required to attend school or be registered for home schooling through the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA). All students must complete Year 10, or its equivalent.

For more information about compulsory school attendance, visit:

School frameworks (school policies)

The following frameworks apply to students at our school.

CCTV surveillance is currently carried out at the school. 

The purpose of the CCTV surveillance is to protect the safety of students, employees and visitors at the school thereby protecting the safety of other people on the school premises, including parents, carers and members of the community. 

The CCTV footage is being collected by the school and will be held by the school and the department's school security unit.

  • the footage may be disclosed to any person undertaking an investigation or taking civil or disciplinary action on behalf of the department, or to a court, in relation to any allegations of, or reasonable suspicion of, unlawful activity on school premises
  • the footage may be provided to the police or another enforcement agency for the purposes of investigating criminal behaviour, and prosecution.